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Independence Day 2012 was celebrated by our patriotic kidz.
Our kidz enthusiastically participated in the fruit day celebration held on 20/09/2012

Welcome To Genie Kidz Play School

“Every child has a hidden genius within him. We discover that gift and make it his strength”

As we know, early education ( from 2 to 6 years) is  a must for the life long learning of a child.  Our living and learning environment should meet the overall needs of a toddler. But unfortunately due to the emergence of nuclear families and being a single child in a family, today’s toddler is deprived of this sort of social exposure which slows down their speaking, analyzing and socializing.

Today’s parents have realized the need for early education for their kids and city pre-schools cater to the needs of the toddlers. Unfortunately in a township like Neyveli , which is a sphere of well educated population, this  need was  not  met easily.

Genie Kidz has emerged just outside the township to cater to the needs of today’s toddlers with its curriculum of International standard.

Dear parents,
Your search for a unique pre-school for your valuable kid ends up here at Genie Kidz.

Genie Kidz is a pre-school where we assure international early education in the Indian way bridging the gap between the toddlers and the schools.Our curriculum “Learning by Discovery” revolves around the child’s individual strengths and abilities which are carefully tapped out at Genie Kidz .

Following the approach of “learning by discovery”, we focus on inquiry based learning.

Here, we value the uniqueness of each child as a gift
We invite you to come, visit us and discover a new direction in early childhood education. Do schedule a visit at your convenience.